About Me

My name is Nick, and I'm a DJ based in Bozeman, MT. Music is my passion; whether I'm crafting new ideas in the studio, moving a dancefloor, or just having a casual listen, you can always find me where the music is. I've played hundreds of events, ranging from ticketed shows, weddings, corporate parties, ski resorts, fundraisers, graduations, and everything in between. I am adept in reading the environment and keeping the energy flowing, no matter the group and setting. 

Concert, 2019.

With music being a key element of a great celebration, it deserves some attention. All too often, I see and hear of DJ's playing gigs with just a laptop, pressing play on a playlist; that's not how I do things. Using turntables, I create smooth, unique transitions, as well as on the fly mashups, to craft a truly one of a kind experience. In choosing my services, you are guaranteed to have my full and undivided care, as I have a one event per day policy. I take pride in fostering atmoshpheres, and will curate your event in alignment with your vision. Combining your vision and my sense, we're sure to have a great time.

Concert, 2020.